Summertime, and the listenin’ is easy!

Hosted by David and Nycci Nellis. Today:

Sit back, relax and enjoy a show that treats ALL your senses. Our guests include Corporate Executive Chef, Demetrio Zavala from Alan Popovsky’s PRG restaurants (Teddy’s, Lincoln and the new DNP – Declaration Nationals Park) in to talk All-Star Game special hot dogs and more, plus a recap of his winning stint on the Food Network’s Chopped. Also in is Soulex found Pedramin Vaziri with updates on flotation, the newest form of meditation (We’ve tried it, and it rocks!). In with her is her devoted client, Meaghan Scott, who’s got great insights on the benefits of flotation after several months.

But wait … there’s more! Chef Todd Sprik of the “Lupos” – Lupo Verde, Lupo Marino and the new market at Lupo Verde – is in with news about expanded fare. And, because booze is always an essential part of the show, we have Adrienne Walker of Blue Henry handcrafted cocktail candy in with the latest twist on treats for your taste buds!