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Hosted by David and Nycci Nellis.

On today’s show:

• You know, the gin and tonic was born in India, but only recently has Indian gin become a highly regarded category. Megan Coyle is a brand relations manager for Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, named the India gin distillery of the year;
• He’s at it again! The pandemic couldn’t stop one of D.C.’s preeminent restaurateurs from developing and introducing a new concept. We’re talking about the Knightsbridge Restaurant Group’s founder and CEO, Ashok Bajaj. He joins us with executive chef Tyler Stout to tell us about his newest venture, La Bise;
• Dry aging beef at home? It can be done! Scott Kobryn joins us with the story behind his patented steak ager, a device that creates a micro-climate within a refrigerator for dry aging beef;
• The Lyle Washington D.C. is a new independent hotel from the Lore Group. It opened in Dupont Circle on April 15. Frederick, Maryland’s Nick Sharpe is the executive chef at Lyle’s, the property’s signature restaurant. He joins us to chat about the hotel, the restaurant and his impressive resume;
• Dvon Holland Williams is the driving force behind Sweet Scoops, a Black/Latina-owned small business at the Union Market. She has the scoop – and some scoops – for us.


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