Spring financial cleaning and planting new financial seeds

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April 17, 2017 – Host Bob Leins and co-host John Elliott welcome John Jilek, Certified Financial Planner, to the studio.  It’s Financial Literacy Month and what better time to get rid of some of the financial dust and cobwebs!  On today’s show, we will discuss:

  • Determining what to save, what to toss, and what to never throw out
  • Getting your “financial” house in order; organize your finances just like you do your closets
  • Automate your bills to reduce paperwork and guarantee you won’t forget them
  • Review your credit report
  • Fix financial leaks and assess whether your financial habits reflect your bigger goals
  • Check up on your emergency saving account
  • Rebalance your portfolio
  • Update your passwords to protect your identity
  • Plant new financial seeds

To ask a question and have it answered during the show, email us in advance at ForYourBenefit@nitpinc.com or call 202-465-3080 this coming Monday.  Program begins at 10:05 ET and questions are accepted between 10:20 AM and 10:55 AM.