The New Year is coming – What do I need to do to prepare?


Insight by NITP, Inc. 

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December 18, 2017 – Host Bob Leins welcomes Mike Townshend, retirement and aging authority.   With the New Year coming, now is a good time for a self-assessment.  What might this include?

Today’s discussion will focus on:

  • What knowledge and skills will I need for the next two years of your career?  How can I best obtain these?
  • I am a year closer to my retirement, are my plans on track?
  • What futures hold for my office and my agency and how will this affect me?  How can I be prepared?
  • Do I want to explore another career path?  Will this add to my enjoyment and longevity?  How can I make this happen without harming what I am already doing?
  • I am already retired, what may happen this coming year that will affect my needs?  How I can I plan?
  • Am I happy?  Do I want to relocate?  How is my money situation?

 Join Mike in a heartfelt approach on looking at back at 2017 and looking ahead to 2018.

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