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January 22, 2018 – Host Bob Leins and co-host Tammy Flanagan, Senior Benefits Director at NITP, welcome Dr. Bill Brantley, Adjunct Faculty at the University of Maryland’s Project Management Center for Excellence.  Dr. Brantley also works in the Enterprise Training Division at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (opinions expressed today are his own and do not represent those of USPTO).

Dr. Brantley has been researching and speaking on how employee engagement, organizational health, and organizational agility work together in modern organization.  Leadership is the linchpin connecting all three.  “As a field, we have amassed an extensive body of research and theory that has solidified the importance of leadership in organizational science.  Linking processes to outcomes can advance theory, and it will also provide a firmer basis for leadership interventions.”*  Today’s talk will include:

  • The difference between leadership theory and leadership development theory
  • 7 types of leadership theories
  • Leadership consists of 3 drivers: Crafting a vision, building alignment, championing execution
  • The importance of leadership in organizational science

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*[Day, D.V., Fleenor, J.W., Atwater, L.E., Stum, R.E., & McKee, R.A. (2014). Advances in leader and leadership development: A review of 25 years of research and theory. The Leadership Quarterly, 25(1), 63-82.]

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