Plan for retirement just like you plan for vacation


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March 26, 2018 – Host Bob Leins welcomes Mike Townshend, transition and aging authority and seminar presenter.   It’s officially spring and maybe you are already thinking ahead to summer vacation planning.  Just like planning for your vacation, Mike will talk about ideas that will help you plan for future retirement life.

 If you haven’t already done so this year, before heading out on this vacation’s adventure:

  • If I/we are in a “sandwich” generation (supporting senior’s and offspring at the same time), what provisions do we need to make and what will cause us to cut our trip short, if we are away?
  • What other “surprises” might arise while I/we are gone?  How will I/we manage them with some forward thinking/planning?  (Children’s crisis, ailing senior’s change in health status, etc.)
  • If I am nearing retirement, my absence from the office for this vacation may be an opportunity to distribute work to others to learn what they will need to know once I have retired.  Be clear with everyone that this redistribution is a “dry run” for once you leave for retirement, and you’ll have the opportunity this way to correct and rework the retirement distributions more effectively.  This is key to your “Legacy”.  I’ll explain.

Review the “Retirement Plan”:

  • What will my/our retirement activities be?
  • What do I/we need to do to prepare for these activities?
  • Make a written list (plan) for making this retirement dream into a retirement reality.  This might include a checklist of actions I/we need to take and a timeline for when to accomplish each action.

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