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Insight by NITP, Inc

May 7, 2018 – Join hosts, Bob Leins and Karen Schaeffer, CFP®, as they welcome Ravi Deo, Executive Director, and Kim Weaver, Director of External Affairs of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board to the studio.

Today’s discussion will focus on answering the following questions:

  • Congress passed the withdrawal bill at the end of last year.  Where are in implementing the bill?
  • What new flexibilities can participants expect?
  • Stats!  How many millionaires?  Average account balances?  Any statistics that show trends (moving from TSP to IRA or how many take monthly payments vs annuities)?  How big is the TSP compared to other large employer sponsored retirement plans?
  • Are there any changes in administrative expenses?
  • Blended retirement for member’s uniformed services went live on January 1st.  Can you give us an update?  What does blended retirement do?

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