Answering Your Financial Questions During COVID-19

Insight by NITP, Inc.

April 27, 2020 – Host Bob Leins, CPA® welcomes Joe Sullender, CFP®.  COVID-19 has generated many financial questions.  Mr. Sullender will answer some of them during this program, to include:

  • I’m concerned about stock market stability – What adjustments, if any, should I consider relative to my TSP and/or IRA?
  • Should I pause contributions to my children’s college fund(s)?
  • My savings are dwindling and if the decline continues, how do I best manage my cash flow?
  • When I need short-term cash, what are some options?  Which accounts should I tap first?
  • Given the many changes in income tax rules and regulations, what are some new provisions to help?
  • How do I plan to build my savings back up when things get back to normal?

Out of concern for everyone’s safety, the host and guest will hold this discussion from remote locations. 

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