Federal Open Season with Kaiser Permanente

November 30, 2020 on ForYourBenefit, host Bob Leins, CPA® and co-host Ray Kirk, Ph.D., Federal Benefits Specialist, NITP, welcome Gavin Toner, Manager, Account Management, Federal Employee Health Benefit Programs and Dr. Saima Siddiqui, Physician Advisor for MAPMG and Chief of Acute Care Services for DC and Suburban MD, Kaiser Permanente.

If you’re like most Federal employees, you probably don’t shop around for a new health plan, even though your current plan may no longer fit your needs. The Office of Personnel Management consistently says 20–30% of Federal employees can and should be changing their plans. Don’t leave money on the table.

Whether you’re just starting your Federal career, planning a family, or thinking about retirement, Kaiser Permanente’s comprehensive system brings your care, your health plan, top-notch physicians, convenient medical centers, and more together, delivering quality, affordable care.

Listen in and discover how you can save significantly on your health care costs with Kaiser Permanente:

  • $0 copays for maternity care, and $0 copays for pediatric primary care through age 17 for Standard Option
  • $0 copay for telehealth benefits whether by video, phone, or online for all plan options
  • New $150 Medicare Part B reimbursement for High Option members

To find the plan that’s right for Federal members during Open Season, visit kp.org/feds.

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