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Agencies seek new models of work – and the talent to do it

No doubt about it. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and related cognitive technologies are changing the nature of work in public sector agencies. And they’re changing the types of people and skillsets needed to do it.

In this video, three experts on public sector work discuss the opportunities and challenges these new technologies are bringing to work.

Panelists agreed that rather than replace people, these productivity-enhancing new tools will instead enable them to do more high level, “thinking” work and fewer routine or rote tasks. That happens to be a stated goal in the President’s Management Agenda and its attendant reskilling initiative.

At the same time, as work changes, so too will the nature of the workforce. As hiring managers and HR people seek new people, and reskill existing staff, they’re looking at data fluency, comfort levels with new technology.

The new technology also brings the need for new, more collaborative approaches to management as work becomes more about analysis and what-if modeling. Beyond that, the technology injection suggests agencies explore flexible work schedules or telework to accommodate work-life balance.

Finally, they discuss how even the physical work environment itself might be re-thought. Click on to see and hear some of the latest and best thinking in public sector work, workforce, and approaches to management in the age of cognitive technology.

Technology and the Workforce

We’re absolutely looking at how artificial intelligence and other technologies will change the way we do public health work. We have a task force … looking hard at how we incorporate data science, how we ensure that our workforce is data fluent.

Workforce Response to Change

As we embark on this journey, we realize that we need new skill sets and new talents. We’re retooling, reskilling, retraining the folks that we have. WE’re going to start with the people we have. It’s not about doing less work, it’s about changing the way that we do the work,

Management Practices and Policies

Technology…is also changing the way employees connect, the way teams communicate, the way organizations are able to support their employees with technology and tools to do their work effectively. That’s changing what we think of as the workplace.


Listen to the full show:

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