Whom can you trust?

February 3, 2014 — What do you need to consider when you select the people who will help you as you age? Should it be your children? Other family members? Should you designate your lawyers or accountants to help with your affairs as you age? Should they be the executors of your will? Who can be the executor of your will?

This week on For Your Benefit join our host, Bob Leins, as he discusses how to make these decisions with attorney Marc Levine of Handler and Levine, LLC.

Regardless of your age, find out what documents you should have to protect you and your loved ones, and what to consider when choosing the people who will help you as well as help settle your affairs and do so in an informed orderly manner.

The show includes thoughts and comments on:

  • Choosing the right power of attorney;
  • Choosing the right trustee for your revocable trust;
  • Choosing the right executor for your will;
  • Choosing the right trustee for a trust for your spouse or children.

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