Singles and retirement

January 19, 2015 — This week on For Your Benefit, join our host, Bob Leins, and Dr. Michael Creedon, professor of gerontology and 26-year presenter on life changes, as they discuss issues of interest to single retirees.

Creedon has been involved with federal employees on retirement issues since 1979. He regularly addresses retirement transition and the personal and family challenges that come with aging and retirement.

The leading edge of the baby boom is now 68. Recent estimates indicate that more than 7 million Americans over age 65 are single. This number will rise rapidly in the years ahead as the baby boomers move into their later years. Did you know that the average age of widowhood is currently in the low sixties?

This program covers some of the challenges that face single retirees, and some of the opportunities that retirement can bring to them, including:

  • the importance of having friends and family (and even pets) in retirement;
  • developing an agenda for use of your time;
  • having social support opportunities and engaging in community organizations;
  • establishing a support system in the event of health problems;
  • saying no to the demands of others;
  • coping with the sudden loss of a spouse or companion;
  • preparing a will, advance directive or living will.