TSP withdrawal strategies

May 4, 2015 — Many federal retirees are confused about how to use the funds in their Thrift Savings Plan account after they retire.

FERS retirees are particularly concerned as they know that their TSP balances must be used simultaneously for growth and income.

This week on For Your Benefit, listen in as guest speaker Dave Redden, a well-known and long-time federal benefit and financial planning expert, joins host Bob Leins for a discussion of Dave’s thoughts on TSP withdrawals.

Among the topics addressed by Dave:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the TSP and IRAs?
  • Why your Roth account should be in an IRA instead of the TSP and the potential problem of “mirroring;”
  • How the G Fund, even if Congress changes the underlying rate of return, will still be an important part of a successful income strategy;
  • How the opportunities within the TSP allow for partial transfers of funds to an IRA and then allow for transfers back into the TSP later;
  • Why wealth management advisory firms as well as other financial planning entities would love to manage your TSP account for you and, why you don’t need them at all!

Tune in as Dave presents his “Ten Step” plan for “optimal” TSP withdrawals.

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