Social security questions answered

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February 20, 2017 – Join our hosts, Bob Leins and John Elliott, as they welcome Lester Austin, Retired Senior Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration, to address Social Security benefit planning pre and post retirement.

Our discussion will include eligibility for Social Security, how to review your account to make sure your earnings are correct, timing to maximize benefits, income tax issues and coordination with Medicare premiums.  Send in your questions and today’s guest will answer them anonymously on air during the show.

Topics to be covered include:

  • What is a Social Security credit?
  • Eligibility for basic Social Security benefits – What is the earliest age I can apply?
  • How are my benefits calculated?
  • Is there a best time to apply for Social Security?
  • What factors need to be addressed to consider the best time to apply for Social Security benefits?
  • What are family Social Security benefits?
  • I’ve heard you can apply for Social Security online, is it easy?
  • And More!

For questions or comments, email us in advance at or call 202-465-3080 this coming Monday.  Program begins at 10:05 ET and questions are accepted between 10:20 AM and 10:55 AM.