Social Security: Where It’s Been, Where It is Now, Where It’s Going

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August 3, 2020 – Host Bob Leins, CPA® and co-host John Elliott welcome Lester Austin, Retired Senior Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration, to talk about where Social Security has been, where it is now, and where it’s going.

  • How to coordinate Social Security maximization relative to your total income?
  • What role does Social Security play in financial planning?
  • Where can I obtain a copy of my Social Security statement?
  • When should I claim my SSA benefit?
  • Am I eligible for spousal or survivor Social Security benefits as well as my own?
  • Why should I be concerned with timing my benefits with my spouse?
  • If I am receiving a Social Security benefit based on a former spouse’s earnings, can I delay my own benefit until 70 years of age?
  • Does the FERS annuity supplement affect my Social Security benefit and how is it taxed?
  • What are WEP and GPO and how do they affect my Social Security?


Out of concern for everyone’s safety, the hosts and guest will hold this discussion from remote locations.


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