Wildfire extinguished at US navy base with help from Cubans

MIAMI (AP) — A U.S. military spokeswoman says a wildfire at the Guantanamo Bay Navy base has been put out with help from Cuban fire brigades.

Naval base spokeswoman Julie Ripley says Cuba sent a helicopter and crews in several trucks to help extinguish the fire in a remote section of the base under a mutual-aid agreement between the two governments.

The wildfire prompted the U.S. military to evacuate about 300 of the 5,500 people living at the base. Ripley said it also set off several explosions from land mines in Cuban territory on the perimeter of the base.

There were no injuries and all personnel were permitted back in their homes Friday.


Guantanamo is the oldest U.S. overseas military installation and covers about 45 square miles. Cuba has long demanded its closure.

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