Report: Prosecutors raise questions about DNA in homicide

BALTIMORE (AP) — A member of a fact-finding panel says Baltimore prosecutors have asked the medical examiner not to make changes to a high-profile homicide case.

The Baltimore Sun reports that a retired city policeman says the state’s attorney’s office has lingering questions about DNA evidence in the 2017 death of Detective Sean Suiter. Retired officer Gary Childs was a member of an independent panel that reviewed Suiter’s death and concluded he most likely killed himself.

When Suiter died a year ago, a day before he was to testify to a grand jury investigating corrupt colleagues, the medical examiner’s office ruled his death a homicide.

Suiter’s case remains an unsolved homicide investigation. The medical examiner’s determination is unchanged.


A spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office declined to say whether Childs’ assertions were accurate.

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