Spanish PM compares ‘lies’ of Brexit and Catalan separatists

MADRID (AP) — Spain’s prime minister has compared secession efforts in the northeastern region of Catalonia to Britain’s tangled process of leaving the European Union, saying both rely on confronting citizens with fake arguments.

In an address to lawmakers Wednesday, Pedro Sanchez said both campaigns “invent a story of grievances and force people to choose between two identities.”

“They want to achieve polarization, denying space to moderation and understanding,” he added.

Sanchez has announced that his cabinet will meet next week in Barcelona and will raise the country’s monthly minimum wage from 736 to 900 euros ($1,019).


Taking the Dec. 21 meeting to the Catalan capital was meant to signal the thawing of relations with the pro-independence regional authorities, but separatists there have called for protests amid mounting political tension.

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