UK court rules that Indian tycoon should face extradition

LONDON (AP) — A British court has ordered that Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya should face extradition to India on financial fraud allegations.

Judge Emma Arbuthnot said Monday she would send the case to Britain’s Home Secretary for review and action. She said there were substantial misrepresentations in Mallya’s characterizations of his financial dealings.

She said loans were obtained based on false statements and that banks had been fooled by Mallya’s flamboyant personality and purported vast wealth.

The 62-year-old tycoon can still appeal the ruling, which was made in Westminster Magistrates’ Court. He remains free on bail, but the judge told Mallya she would “take your money away” if he failed to show up for future hearings.


The judge said Mallya suffers from many medical problems including coronary artery disease, but she denied his claim that he could not receive adequate medical care in prison.

Arbuthnot did suggest he be allowed to be treated by his own doctors and that the government of India provide him with a wide array of needed medications.

She also said being in prison might require him to cut back on his alcohol consumption.

The judge said his prison cell in India would have adequate light, a bathroom with a shower, fans for ventilation, and a sleeping pad. She said he would have access to ample water supplies as his doctors had requested.

Mallya declined to say whether an appeal is planned. He showed no emotion and drank from a plastic water bottle when the ruling was announced.

He is accused by India of money laundering and conspiracy involving hundreds of millions of dollars. He has denied wrongdoing in repeated court appearances.

Mallya was once a leading figure among India’s business elite.

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