Police in Canada charge minor with terrorism

TORONTO (AP) — Canadian police charged a minor with a terrorism-related offense on Friday as part of a national security investigation that also involved the FBI.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a statement that an adult male was also arrested in Kingston, Ontario, but was not charged. The youth cannot be named.

Police said the minor has been charged with “knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity and “counselling a person to deliver, place, discharge or detonate an explosive” in a public place with intent to injure and cause death.

A RCMP surveillance plane has been flying over downtown Kingston since early January. Resident Neil Aird said it would fly over for four or five hours at night and was a nuisance for residents.


“I was getting fed up,” he said. “I sincerely hope it’s worth the effort and the expenses and the risk to the pilots and the discomfort to 120,000 people.”

Aird said even with head phones on, he could still hear the plane and said he’s hard of hearing. ‘It was like a mosquito in your bedroom. It was quite annoying,” he said.

Aird said he figured out it was an RCMP plane on Jan. 4 when he looked up the plane online.

RCMP Chief Superintendent Michael LeSage issued a statement thanking several agencies including the FBI, Kingston police, Ontario Provincial Police, Canada Border Services Agency and CSIS, Canada’s spy agency.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale earlier issued a statement saying the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other police partners “took action in Kingston, Ontario, based on credible information, to ensure public safety.”

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