Polish community works to save wild herd ordered slaughtered

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Local authorities and animal rights activists in western Poland hope to spare the lives of 170 cows and bulls that went feral after years of neglect and a court has ordered slaughtered.

Agriculture Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski said the herd did not receive veterinary care, has been in-breeding and become a nuisance and danger to residents of rural Deszczno.

He has earmarked some 350,000 zlotys ($91,000) to have the animals put to death.

Deszczno authorities have been taking care of the herd at taxpayer expense and seeking an alternative. Deputy Governor Aleksander Szperka is looking for farmers or organizations that would like to have some of the animals.


Veterinarians say the bulls and cows can’t be slaughtered for food or used for breeding.

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