International judges give reasons for Ivory Coast acquittals

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Judges at the International Criminal Court have issued lengthy explanations for the decision to acquit Ivory Coast’s ex-president on crimes against humanity charges resulting from postelection violence in 2010.

Two judges published their reasons for ruling in January not to hold former president Laurent Gbagbo and former minister Charles Ble Goude responsible for killings and rapes committed after the country’s disputed presidential election.

A third member of the trial panel filed a 300-page dissenting opinion on Tuesday. The documents will be studied carefully by prosecutors looking for possible grounds to appeal.

Judge Geoffrey Henderson wrote in a 961-page document that he was persuaded to acquit the two men mid-way through their trial “because the prosecutor’s evidence, although plentiful, was incapable of supporting several key allegations.”


The court subsequently ordered the two released

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