Reports: Syrian president replaces security chiefs

BEIRUT (AP) — Pro-government Syrian pages on social media are reporting that President Bashar Assad has replaced some heads of influential security agencies, including Maj. Gen. Jamil Hassan, who has headed the powerful Air Force Intelligence Directorate since 2009.

Several pages, including Latakia Eagles and Homs Network Live, reported Sunday that Hassan was replaced by his deputy, Maj. Gen. Ghassan Ismail.

There was no immediate confirmation from the government or state media, which rarely report news related to intelligence agencies.

The pages said the General Intelligence Directorate is now headed by Maj. Gen. Hussam Louqa, while Maj. Gen. Nasser al-Ali is now in charge of the Political Security Directorate.


Bahjat Suleiman, a former intelligence chief and former ambassador to Jordan, also listed the names on his Facebook page and Twitter account.

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