UK Labour Party lords condemn ‘toxic’ anti-Semtisim

LONDON (AP) — More than 60 Labour Party members of Britain’s House of Lords have taken out a newspaper advertisement accusing leader Jeremy Corbyn of overseeing a “toxic culture” by allowing anti-Semitism to fester in the party.

The full-page ad in Wednesday’s Guardian newspaper accuses Corbyn of “allowing anti-Semitism to grow in our party and presiding over the most shaming period in Labour’s history.” It says he has “failed the test of leadership.”

Signatories include Peter Hain, John Reid and Peter Mandelson — all ministers in previous Labour governments — along with public figures including broadcaster Joan Bakewell and scientist Robert Winston.

Labour has been riven by allegations that it is hostile toward Jews since left-winger Corbyn, a longtime supporter of the Palestinians, became leader in 2015.


He denies the party is anti-Semitic.

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