Bolivia air force plane crashes, killing 2 crew, 4 Spaniards

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — A Bolivian air force plane flying a humanitarian mission crashed minutes after takeoff in the Amazonian region, killing all six occupants, including four Spaniards who were being ferried to catch a flight to their homeland, the Defense Ministry said Saturday.

The Beechcraft Baron, a twin-engine propeller plane, went down in a marshy area on the outskirts of Trinidad, a city in the northeast of the country, the announcement said.

The statement identified the Spaniards as Francisco José Gallegos Gonzáles, Yandira Olivera Velarde, Delis Salvatierra Velarde and Alba Aparicio Formas. It said the plane was crewed by an air force captain and lieutenant.

The plane was carrying the Spaniards to the city of Santa Cruz, where they were to board a flight bound for their country.

The ministry said investigators were working to determine the cause of the accident.

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