Iraqi officials: 3 dead, 2 wounded in Baghdad rocket attack

BAGHDAD (AP) — Three Iraqi civilians were killed and two severely wounded Monday after a katyusha rocket hit near the vicinity of Baghdad airport, two Iraqi security officials said.

The rocket targeted the international airport but struck a residential home close by, two security officials said. They requested anonymity in line with regulations.

The attacks have become a frequent occurrence, often targeting the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, within the heavily fortified Green Zone, and U.S. troops present in Iraqi bases as well as the Baghdad airport. Roadside bombs have also frequently targeted convoys carrying equipment destined for U.S.-led coalition forces.

Monday’s attack was the first time in months the attacks caused civilian casualties.

The frequency of the rockets have strained Iraq-U.S. relations, prompting the Trump administration last week to threaten to close its diplomatic mission in Baghdad if Shiite militia groups, believed to be orchestrating them are not reigned in.

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