Swiss arrest 4 suspected of ties to Islamic State, al-Qaida

BERLIN (AP) — Authorities in Switzerland say they have arrested four people on suspicion of having ties to the Islamic State group and al-Qaida.

The federal prosecutor’s office said police searched three houses in the western canton (state) of Fribourg early Friday as part of two criminal investigations into alleged extremist activity.

The suspects are alleged to have violated Swiss law banning involvement with al-Qaida, IS and related organizations.

Prosecutors said the four people detained are also suspected of having “supported or participated in a criminal organization.”

They identified the four suspects only as a 28-year-old Kosovar woman, a 29-year-old Macedonian, a 26-year-old Kosovar man and a 34-year-old Swiss-Kosovar dual national.

“As they had been in contact with each other, the house searches and arrests were all carried out at the same time,” prosecutors said.

Further information, including which of the suspects had ties to which group, wasn’t immediately available.

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