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Asian shares rise but momentum fizzles on virus worries

TOKYO (AP) — Asian shares are gaining, boosted by a near-record rise on Wall Street.

Still, early momentum today began to fizzle out over worries about the economic fallout from surging coronavirus infections in the region.

Benchmarks in Japan, Australia, South Korea and China all finished higher. Some parts of Asia have had slower vaccine rollouts than the U.S. and Europe and are at a greater risk for the more contagious delta variant.

Stocks closed higher on Wall Street Monday, allowing the S&P 500 to regain the ground it lost last week and bringing it just shy of another record high.


Moderates bring House to standstill in Biden budget clash

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Democratic leaders are trying to muscle President Joe Biden’s multitrillion-dollar budget blueprint over a key hurdle. But voting came to a standstill Monday night as negotiations continue with a band of moderate lawmakers threatening to withhold their support for the $3.5 trillion plan.

They are demanding the House first approve a $1 trillion public works package that’s already passed the Senate. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is hoping to shelve the intraparty dispute for now and simply start the budget process. The standoff risks upending Biden’s agenda.


G-7 grapples with Afghanistan, an afterthought not long ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two months ago, the leaders of the world’s seven major industrialized democracies met at the height of summer on England’s southeast coast. It was a happy occasion: the first in-person summit of the Group of Seven nations in two years due to the coronavirus pandemic and the welcomed appearance of President Joe Biden and his “America is back” message.

Today, those same seven leaders will meet again in virtual format confronted by a resurgence in the pandemic, more dire news on climate change and — most immediately and perhaps importantly — Afghanistan.


Walmart to launch delivery service for other businesses

NEW YORK (AP) — Walmart is commercializing its delivery service, helping businesses of all sizes deliver products directly to their customers’ homes as fast as just a few hours.

The nation’s largest retailer says it will use contract workers and even drones to pick up products directly from other retailers and then deliver them to customers’ doorsteps. The shift pits Walmart against the likes of Uber, DoorDash and other delivery services. It comes as Walmart increasingly moves to expand its sources of profits and revenues beyond its core retail businesses.


US authorities warn against flying drones over national lab

LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (AP) — Drone pilots, beware. Authorities at one of the nation’s top nuclear weapons laboratories issued a warning Monday that airspace over Los Alamos National Laboratory is off limits.

As the birthplace of the atomic bomb, the lab has reported that recent unauthorized drone flights have been detected in restricted airspace in the area. Officials said if you fly a drone over the lab, you likely will lose it. The lab has a system for intercepting any unauthorized flights, but officials would not release any details about how the system works, citing security protocols. They also would not say how many unauthorized flights have occurred in recent months.


Hawaii gov seeks to limit visits to the islands

UNDATED (AP) — Hawaii’s governor is urging residents and potential visitors to limit travel to the islands to essential business while the state struggles to control outbreaks of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

Gov. David Ige (EE’-gay) wants to curtail travel to Hawaii through the end of October. He says, “It is a risky time to be traveling right now.” Ige says restaurant capacity has been restricted and there is limited access to rental cars.

But Ige is stopping short of last year’s strict travel rules that required quarantining and essentially shut down Hawaii’s tourism industry. He notes the CDC says fully vaccinated people can travel domestically. Hawaii’s seven-day average of new daily cases hit 671 on Monday, more than triple the level four weeks earlier.


New York theater leaders agree on a New Deal for Broadway

NEW YORK (AP) — A wide Broadway coalition of theater owners, producers, union leaders, creators and casting directors have hammered out a series of reforms and commitments for the theater industry to ensure equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility.

The New Deal for Broadway emerged following a summit of industry leaders organized by Black Theatre United earlier this year. It outlines both short-term reforms to be implemented prior to Broadway’s reopening this fall and long-term reforms over the next few years. The changes range from the abstract such as “to push for more diversity” to the specific, like that artists with visual disabilities being offered Braille audition materials.

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