AP Top Political News at 8:21 p.m. EDT

Republicans pick Houston to host their 2028 national convention

Ukraine aid faces a stress test as some GOP 2024 presidential candidates balk at continued support

Trump and all 18 others charged in Georgia election case meet the deadline to surrender at jail

NORAD scrambles F-16s to intercept civilian aircraft that strayed near Biden vacation spot at Tahoe

President Joe Biden says he will request more funding for a new coronavirus vaccine

Trump returns to site formerly known as Twitter, posts his mug shot shortly after Georgia surrender

DeSantis reports raising more than $1 million as Republicans hope for post-debate boosts

Biden and Harris will meet with King’s family on the March on Washington’s 60th anniversary

Harris praises 2022 WNBA champion Las Vegas Aces for ‘grit and determination’ on and off court

Visitors to Lincoln Memorial say America has its flaws but see gains made since March on Washington

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