AP Top Political News at 7:28 p.m. EDT

Trump says he will skip GOP presidential primary debates

Where do the 2024 presidential candidates stand on abortion? Take a look

Houstonians worry new laws will deter voters who don’t recall the hard-won fight for voting rights

Trump’s lies tested limits of the bully pulpit. His right to say them is at core of criminal defense

Trump looms large over Iowa State Fair, but many GOP voters still mulling their caucus choices

Federal judges rule against provisions of GOP-backed voting laws in Georgia and Texas

Republicans gather in city where Trump was indicted but mention former president gingerly, if at all

Judge won’t delay Trump’s defamation claims trial, calling the ex-president’s appeal frivolous

Georgia Medicaid program with work requirement off to slow start even as thousands lose coverage

US, Japan and South Korea agree to expand security ties at summit amid China, North Korea worries

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