AP Top Political News at 10:03 p.m. EDT

Proud Boy convicted of helping spearhead Capitol attack ties Jan. 6 sentence record with 18 years

DeSantis won’t meet with Biden during president’s trip to survey Idalia damage

US will regulate nursing home staffing for first time, but proposal lower than many advocates hoped

Rudy Giuliani pleads not guilty in Georgia election case, won’t attend arraignment hearing

Biden wants an extra $4 billion for disaster relief, bringing the total request to $16 billion

Biden approves Medal of Honor for Army helicopter pilot who rescued soldiers in a Vietnam firefight

840,000 Afghans who’ve applied for key US resettlement program still in Afghanistan, report says

AP Election Brief | What to expect in Utah’s special congressional primary

AP Election Brief | What to expect in Rhode Island’s special primaries

Trump pleads not guilty in Georgia election subversion case, seeks to sever his case from others

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