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Three big drivers in healthcare today – consumer engagement, mobility and a shift toward digital offerings – are radically changing healthcare delivery and technology is poised to have a game-changing impact on all three.  Infrastructure companies play a pivotal role in delivering on the promise of technology to shape consumer engagement, mobilize healthcare and untether it from traditional care and treatment models, and to support the healthcare system with its burgeoning regulatory requirements.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ Nancy Green, global healthcare practice lead, and Peter Pin, vice president of civilian and public sector markets, joined Federal News Radio Custom Media Director Jason Fornicola to address these drivers and the impact on the future of healthcare.

With no shortage of resources available on the Internet, consumers are equipped with more information than ever before.

Green says patients today are leveraging all the technologies from the Internet to applications to mobility to become more informed – and often doing so at the point of care.

“One of the main drivers or disruptors within the healthcare space is care anywhere/consumerism,” according to Green. “Care anywhere has to do both with the patient side and the clinical side and mobility is a factor in all of that. And the interaction with being able to have information where you need it in a secure manner wherever you want it is a key factor.”

Pin sees similar trends in the public sector as well.

“Veterans want to engage in their healthcare providers really in the same way that they consume other digital products and services in their lives,” he said. “Meaning they want it when they want it, how they want it and now with mobility, it’s where you want it.

Pin referenced the Mobile Health Provider Program at the Veterans’ Administration, which he says is taking its services to the veteran patient.

“The VA digital services team is really concerned about what that end user experience looks like and improving it,” he said.

Panel Host:

  • Jason Fornicola, Director of Custom Media, WTOP and Federal News Radio

Panel Guests:

  • Peter Pin, Vice President-Civilian, Public Sector Markets, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
  • Nancy Green, Global Healthcare Practice Lead, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

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