DIA Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer: Tech opportunities are immense for everyone

This week on Leaders and Legends, host Aileen Black interviews Janice Glover-Jones, chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency.  Glover-Jones said she harnessed her power of belief to reach success that she feels, only decades ago, would not have been possible.

She is responsible for developing and implementing a human capital strategy that delivers a diverse workforce in what she calls an equitable and inclusive environment to improve individual and organizational performance that results in better value to customers, increases ingenuity, mitigates risk and fosters employee engagement.

Glover-Jones recently completed a detail from the DIA to the commercial sector on a 12-month assignment at Dell. She participated through the Education with Industry program – which has been supported directly by Michael Dell – and provides both Dell and DIA an opportunity to share public and private industry perspectives for mutually-beneficial outcomes.

Glover-Jones began her federal career as a GS-1 administrative assistant at the Department of Commerce in 1984 and has been at DIA for the past 33 years, where she has served in a series of successively more important roles.

Discussion highlights:

  • Why strong spiritual belief has been an important foundation in her career.
  • Her career journey from a GS-1 to the Senior Executive Service.
  • How her 12-month assignment at Dell inspires the concept of a more diverse tech work force.
  • Advancements in automation and artificial intelligence will require change. “Progress needs to be accomplished to widen the field and recruit a more diverse workforce,” Glover-Jones said.
  • The purpose and goals of Project Immersion and Bias Check – to find solutions that address bias – from the identification of diverse talent to the upward mobility of such talent.
  • Her favorite book on how to leverage the power of your will to accomplish goals.
  • Advice from her grandfather: “It’s ok to taste success, but once you taste it, spit it out because if you swallow it, you just might get full of yourself.”

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