Former Energy CTO talks about the impacts of rapidly changing technology

This week on Leaders and Legends, host Aileen Black interviews Pete Tseronis, former chief technology officer at the Energy Department and founder and CEO of Dots and Bridges.

Interview Highlights:

  • The technology landscape will drastically change with the evolution of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and 5G. Tseronis the realm of possibilities these new technologies can bring to our daily lives is vast.
  • Tseronis’ first governmental role in the 1980’s was as a space planer at the Pentagon. At that time, the internet was new and he said it fueled his curiosity for technology and created the foundation for the “futurist” he is today.
  • As the first chief technology officer at the Energy Department, Tseronis said technology was bringing the agency together. After reading the book ‘The Tipping Point,’ Tseronis said his real title should have been “connective tissue officer.”
  • “It is critical that government technology leaders and industry leaders partner together. These partnerships will really drive a more secure future for our critical infrastructure,” Tseronis said.
  • Tseronis advised future government leaders to learn how to be a storyteller. He called it a life skill that creates a more effective leader.
  • “I have found that one of the most important things you can do is to distinguish your brand. Your character is all you have. When you start, you have a blank canvas. How you build your personal brand is your most important work,” Tseronis said.

Tseronis is an entrepreneur, business executive, and cyber security strategist with 27+ years leading myriad Cabinet-level and commercial entities. He is the founder and CEO of the consulting firm, Dots and Bridges, LLC and maintains several advisory board roles. Tseronis has held several executive level positions in the government including former chief technology officer at the Energy Department.

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