Video shows thief take SUV at gas station with child inside

WASHINGTON (AP) — A thief caught on surveillance video stole a mother’s vehicle while she was pumping gas and her child was sitting in the back seat.

The mother was dragged Tuesday morning while trying to stop the thief in Washington, D.C., news outlets reported. Video appeared to a show a man sneak into the SUV and drive away as the mother tried to stop the thief.

Elroy Jacobs told news outlets he witnessed the woman being dragged for about a block before she was run over. He said he chased the vehicle and found the child still inside after the SUV was abandoned.

“I saw this woman hollering, ‘My baby, my baby, they’re taking my baby’,” Jacobs said. “I’m not thinking about no weapon, if they have any weapon. I’m just thinking about the child.”


It’s unclear whether the mother was injured. Police had not announced any suspects or arrests, news outlets reported.

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