San Francisco mountain lion may have killed zoo animals

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A mountain lion that was captured roaming the streets of San Francisco this week may have killed three animals at the city zoo, authorities said.

Two wallaroos and a red kangaroo were found dead in their outdoor exhibit at the San Francisco Zoo and it appears that a local wild carnivore was responsible, the zoo said in a statement, adding that it was investigating whether the cougar was responsible.

A 50-pound male cougar, believed to be under 2 years old, was spotted roaming downtown over several days this week. He was seen sleeping in a planter box and looking at his reflection in the glass of an office tower before being captured Thursday, officials said.

The animal appeared disoriented and may have gotten lost after traveling from hills south of the city, authorities said. He was checked out at the Oakland Zoo and released Thursday into a wilderness preserve.

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