Company drops protest of GSA’s OASIS RFP

IT services contractor USfalcon Inc. has agreed to drop its protest of the final solicitation for the General Services Administration’s massive OASIS multiple-award contract.

“The resolution of this protest in a timely, professional and amicable manner by GSA and USFalcon saved taxpayer dollars and resources,” GSA spokeswoman Jackeline Stewart said in an email. “Contributions in the solicitation process from engaged industry partners like USFalcon help ensure that OASIS will most effectively meet the needs of our government clients for complex, integrated professional service requirements.”

GSA released final RFPs for the One Acquisition Solutions for Integrated Services (OASIS) program July 31. The vehicle is designed to reduce duplication in contract spending on professional services.

Contractors, however, had registered concerns with the program during its development, and just a week after the final RFPs — one for full and open competition and the other for small business — were released, two companies had protested the solicitations.

USfalcon’s protest, challenging the terms of the solicitation, was lodged with the Government Accountability Office. GAO was to have decided on the case by Nov. 18.

However, a second pre-award protest filed by Aljucar, Anvil-Incus and Company at the agency level is moving forward. The company’s protest cleared a procedural hurdle last week when an agency protest official rejected the GSA general counsel’s motion to dismiss the protest.

In its protest, the company contended the evaluation criteria included in the RFPs is “arbitrary, restricts competition, and does not reasonably relate to the agency or its customers’ needs in choosing a contractor or contractors that will best serve the government’s interest.”

The protest official will hear oral arguments on Aljucar, Anvil-Incus and Company’s protest on Aug. 29 and must decide the case by the end of next month.

Meanwhile, vendors have until Sept. 17 to submit bids on the OASIS contract.


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