Survey: How do you feel about returning to your federal office?

Several agencies are making plans to reopen their facilities to federal employees, contractors and the public — or resume “normal operations.”

The plans vary depending on the agency, its location and often the mission, but many organizations are following a broad, three-phased reopening framework, which the Trump administration first released back in April.

So how do you feel about your agency’s “reopening” plan, and how comfortable are you with the prospect of returning to your office or work site?

If you’ve recently gone back, what concerns did — or do you still have — about your return to the office?

And if you’ve been there the whole time throughout the pandemic, how do you feel about more of your co-workers returning to the office, or the plans to resume “normal operations?”

Please share your thoughts, concerns and other comments with us in our latest survey. Your answers will be anonymous, and the results will be published in the coming weeks.

You can find the survey here or below. If you have any other comments you want to share with us you can do so here.

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