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Looking for the ultimate gift? Hint: It is NOT a puppy!

Nobody likes to think about unpleasant subjects. Like getting older. Being unable to care for ourselves. The ultimate loss of dignity! Especially when the centerpiece is us — in this case you — in the midst of the worst pandemic of our lifetimes. But it is also literally the perfect time to consider — and deal with — something that faces all of us. What happens when you can no longer take care of yourself? Eating, going to the bathroom, taking care of normal daily activities of life. Except when we no longer can. There’s a reason there is no Long Term Care parlor game. The subject is too grim. But stuff happens! And there are times when everybody should consider it. Like right now. While most are focused on the health insurance open enrollment period, this is also the time for people who don’t want to become a financial burden on loved ones to think about ways to mitigate the needs, problems and both emotional and financial expenses on loved ones.

The federal government has offered workers and military personnel LTC insurance for years. The idea is people can enroll at group rates which are generally more reasonable than buying a one-person policy. But premiums for LTC insurance nationwide have jumped dramatically in recent years. People are living longer and need services. Enter FLTCIP 3.0, which became available last month for feds and military personnel. It’s administered by LTC Partners on behalf of John Hancock. And that’s the subject of today’s episode of Your Turn (10 a.m. EST) streaming here or on the radio in the D.C. area at 1500 AM. My guest will be Joan Melanson, a top official of LTC Partners, who will explain how the program works and what you should consider.

Lots of questions. That includes cost for services, managing future premium hikes and the role of Medicare in paying for LTC needs. (Short answer: There isn’t one!)

If you have question about the new LTC program, send them to me before showtime.

Here are some of the questions we’ll be answering:

  • There has been renewed interest in health care given the advent of COVID. What has this meant for long term care, and particularly for the Federal Long Term insurance Program (FLTCIP)?
  • What about long term care facilities and COVID outbreaks? How does this impact LTC?
  • Where are most of FLTCIP benefits being used? What are the numbers?
  • Can you believe it’s that time of year again called Federal Benefits Open Season. Where does the time go? So is there anything new to share?
  • What about this new 3.0 option in the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program? What’s new?

We’ll also get numbers and $$$ information on what benefits people under LTC use most, what they cost, how long benefits last and what are your best options. Definitely not a fun subject, but one that could save your family lots of grief and money in the future. One of those subjects where the only thing worse than thinking about it is NOT thinking about it!

Nearly Useless Factoid

By Alazar Moges

Hawaii is the only state in the United States that is rabies-free.  Resident pets are not required to be vaccinated for rabies.  To prevent rabies from entering the state, the current law requires that dogs, cats and carnivores complete either the 120-day or 5 Day Or Less rabies quarantine. The law also requires that entire cost of the rabies quarantine program be paid by the users of the quarantine facility. General funds (taxpayer funds) may not be used to run this program.

Source: Hawaiian Government

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