An analysis of procurement spending in FY 2015

(This show originally aired on August 4, 2015)

This week on “Off the Shelf” , Ray Bjorklund, president of BirchGrove Consulting, shares his analysis  of FY2015 procurement spend to date, available spend for the fourth quarter as well as purchasing patterns across the federal enterprise.

A former senior executive in the Federal Government, Bjorklund also provides his insights regarding effective and ineffective communication across the procurement community.

He focuses on the communication divides, challenges and opportunities  between  acquisition workforce and program managers.  Bjorklund discusses how to bridge the gap between these two


groups including the need for greater training and understanding of the mission imperatives and corresponding procurement rules that drive behaviors.

Headshot and logo of Bjorklund
Ray Bjorklund, president, BirchGrove consulting