Emerging trends in unmanned systems

head shots of Abbot, Billies and Abbe
(L-R) Troy Abbott, Eric Billies, Brian Abbe and host Roger Waldron

(This show originally aired on May 2, 2017)

This week on “Off the Shelf”, Brian Abbe, senior vice president, Troy Abbott and Eric Billies, principals from Booz Allen Hamilton discuss the government’s growing use of unmanned systems.

Beyond drones, the Booz Allen Hamilton team discuss emerging trends in robotics, marine systems, autonomous munitions and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The Booz Allen Hamilton team also identify and discuss key challenges in the market including cyber, and the technological and operation hurdles moving from “unmanned systems” to autonomous systems.

Finally, the team provides their insights on current, rapid pace of technological innovation and what it means for the federal government.


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