Immersive training: The future is now

(This show originally aired on March 6, 2018)

This week on Off the Shelf, a panel of Booz Allen subject matter experts shares it domain expertise on transforming the Department of Defense training through immersive technologies.

Group photo of Wakeham, Valdez and Wikan
(L-R) Frank Wakeham, Amy Valdez, Mike Wikan,

Booz Allen’s Frank Wakeham, Amy Valdez, Kevin McClung, Mike Wikan, and Derald Wise provide insights on the role virtual reality and gaming technologies are playing in creating create self-contained simulated or artificial environments for training.


The Booz Allen team highlights how immersive technologies bring more realistic and believable training to teach complex tasks and concepts.

The team also explains how these technologies reduce training costs through smaller footprints and mobility, with the capability to deliver training fighter in real time in the field.