Army works to keep stateside technology up-to-date

Army officials believe they’re now doing a good job of getting the latest and greatest technology into the hands of soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, and deploying that technology as one integrated package. They are doing that through the Network Integration Evaluation they do twice a year.

The technology on Army bases stateside is another matter. The Army says it’s antiquated, hasn’t kept pace, and can’t interface with the IT gear soldiers use on the battlefield. So Army Secretary John McHugh is ordering the service to take the same approach it’s now using to upgrade tactical networks, and begin using it to modernize military installations, called Capability Set Management.

Col. Mark Elliot is the director of the Army’s LandWarNet Mission Command directorate, one of the organizations that helped develop capability set management as part of the NIE process. He talked with Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu for this week’s edition of On DoD.