ATARC October Advancing Security Within the Federal Government Virtual Summit

ATARC’s upcoming virtual summit, Advancing Security Within the Federal Government, is on October 14, 2021 from 10:00 AM – 12:15 PM EDT. As new and upcoming technologies continue to be implemented and deployed throughout the Federal Government, agencies need to make sure their systems are secure. At this event experts will share some of their best strategies for discovering devices, tracking behavior, detecting threats, and taking action to protect their organizations.

In the first panel, discussion will begin with focus on techniques for advancing Federal cybersecurity to protect against cyberattacks, and topic experts will share best strategies they have implemented within their systems.

In the second panel, talks will shift towards the Zero Trust security. Expect to hear experts dive into the importance of embracing a Zero Trust Security Model, what it means to the Federal Government, and how best to embrace this model of security.

Don’t miss this exciting event featuring thought leaders throughout the Federal Cyber security ecosystem!

For information and registration visit or email regarding the event.

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