Obama: Locality pay will not increase in 2011

By Jolie Lee
Federal News Radio

Locality pay in 2011 for civilian federal employees will remain at the same levels as 2010, said President Obama in a letter to Congress Tuesday.

Locality pay is the percentage increase above the base pay adjusted for location. For Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Northern Virginia, the locality pay remains at 24.22 percent, meaning employees in these areas are paid 24.22 percent above the base salary.

Whether or not the proposed two-year pay freeze is passed, locality pay will remain at 2010 levels. For example, if a fed’s base pay includes an extra 15 percent for locality pay, they will continue to get that same 15 percent during the pay freeze.

“As the economic recovery continues, the time has come to put our nation back on a sustainable fiscal course, an effort that requires tough choices and shared sacrifice,” Obama said. “This decision will not materially affect our ability to attract and retain a well-qualified federal workforce.”


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