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  • A foodie born and bred, your host, Nycci Nellis, is a respected journalist with an educated palate and discerning tastes. Her co-host, husband David, is a meat and potatoes guy. Join them for often ribald repartee, as they grill everyone from celebrity chefs, winemakers and farmers to those who think that unpasteurized milk can save the world. Sundays at 11 a.m.

  • Host Bob Leins and presenters from NITP, Inc., the national leader in Federal benefits and retirement planning seminars, present information and strategies to assist the Federal worker at all career stages. Each week, ForYourBenefit features topics of interest to the Federal community including Federal benefits, Social Security, financial planning, TSP, estate planning and more. Email your questions to ForYourBenefit@nitpinc.com Mondays at 10 a.m.

  • Golf DMV is a weekly podcast discussing the latest news in professional golf, industry trends and highlighting golf courses in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Whether you're a high handicap, low handicap, club member or weekend hacker, if you love golf, you'll love the Golf DMV podcast. Sundays at 7:30 a.m.

  • Learn from industry experts who enable innovation and make government more responsive and secure by advancing key technologies. Innovation in government examines a wide range of topics and evaluates their payoff.

  • The IT Innovation Insider is a monthly show focused on the emerging technologies and trends that are moving federal agencies toward a more secure and modernized future. Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

  • Interviews with leaders who have left their mark on government and a lasting imprint on the nation. Hear what goes on behind the scenes in the nation's capital and why working for the federal government is so unique. Fridays at Noon.

  • Leaders from the federal government, corporate executives, and everyday, unsung heroes talk with Shane Canfield, CEO of WAEPA, about the lessons they have learned in leadership. Tune in to hear guests highlight the experiences that have shaped their perspective and practice of leadership.

  • Government Marketing University is an innovative learning platform that applies a collaborative, community-based approach toward knowledge sharing and skills development in the field of public sector marketing.

  • Join host Chris Hill and a panel of Motley Fool investment analysts each week as they cover the week’s top business news and financial headlines, while breaking down the stock market implications for investors. Plus, interviews with best-selling authors, industry experts, and an inside look at stocks on our radar.

  • Featuring modern and traditional arrangements of spiritual, patriotic, popular, classical and contemporary music coupled with timely, inspiring prose, Music & the Spoken Word becomes an uplifting, rejuvenating destination that listeners and viewers return to every week. Sundays at 7 a.m.

  • Navy Sports Magazine Show airs prior to Navy football games.

  • Of Consuming Interest is a weekly show examining the most important consumer issues today. Sundays at 10:30 p.m.

  • Hosted by Roger Waldron of the Coalition for Government Procurement, Off the Shelf interviews federal contracting experts from both inside and outside of government on the issues that matter most. Tuesdays at 11 a.m.

  • Each week, DoD Reporter Jared Serbu speaks one-on-one and with the people responsible for managing the inner workings of the federal government's largest department, and those who know it best. Wednesdays at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

  • Hear the latest news in technology, jobs and politics live hosted by Dr. Richard Shurtz with Jim Russ, Tech Talk Radio is a mixture of fun and technology. Not too heavy and not too light. Saturdays at 9 a.m.

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