Product Recall Trends And Best Practices

How and when businesses respond to the need to recall dangerous products can prevent or cause a crisis. Chris Harvey is a senior vice president for client services at Sedgwick and a product safety expert who has managed over 1,500 product recall campaigns for different brands. In this episode, he talks about how well federal agencies are doing overseeing the recall of products, the best practices companies should follow when there are hazards associated with the items they make, and which products are more likely to be recalled now, and in the future.


“Customize your plan based on your operational model, environment, and unique product line. Generic solutions won’t work.”- Chris Harvey

“Agencies should collaborate, share insights, and improve response rates to enhance recall effectiveness and address industry inconsistencies.”- Chris Harvey

Featured Guest

Chris Harvey

Sr. Vice President, Client Services Sedgwick



00:00 Introduction

02:09 Prioritizing Customer Safety: Owning the Issue

04:02 Reputational Consequences: Mishandling Safety Incidents

10:07 Return of Stricter Regulations: Increasing Recalls

13:58 Improving Recall Effectiveness: Technology and Challenges

19:31 Technology Advances and Electric Vehicles: Vulnerabilities and Opportunities

23:50 Acknowledging CPSC’s Success: Small Budget, Big Results

26:01 Mitigating Risks for Companies New to Product Safety Issues

27:21 Customized Recall Plans: Revisiting, Training, and Testing

29:07 Applying Lessons to Business Practices and Customer Loyalty

31:03 The Importance of Proactive Recall Planning

32:18 Conclusion

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