Fed Life — Feb. 15, 2023

Today we’ve got news for federal retirees, so listen up. Lawmakers are trying to change a couple things about the annual cost-of-living adjustments—or COLAs. They’ve reintroduced bills to get it done. One would give FERS retirees a full COLA. And the other would change how the COLA is calculated in the first place. They’ve both been introduced before, and would have big implications for federal retirees. Federal News Network’s Drew Friedman joined me to sort it out. Don’t miss her daily reporting on federal pay and benefits issues.
the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, known as NARFE, has a good handle on the pulse of the federal workforce, and what it’s concerned with at the moment. Earlier, I spoke with NARFE’s staff vice president for policy and programs, John Hatten, who gave a brief introduction to the organization itself.