Turning Around Tech Layoffs: Opportunities for Public Service

In 2022, the technology industry laid off over 150,000 employees. Thus far in 2023, an additional almost 70,000 employees across 210 tech companies have lost their jobs. As the private sector tech industry undergoes a major transition, government can step up to support transitioner workers. In this episode, guests discuss how the federal government can attract tech talent and why technologists should look to public service.

FEDtalk host Jason Briefel sits down with Angie Quirarte and Jennifer Anastasoff from the Tech Talent Project, Peter Morrissey from the Volker Alliance Government to University Initiative, and Jessica Watson from the U.S. Digital Response.

The group recently worked with the Office of Personnel Management on a job fair with representatives from more than 50 government agencies highlighting opportunities for technologists to transition into government work. Whether you currently work with an agency in need of tech talent or are a recently laid off tech employee, this program provides key information on how to bridge the tech talent gap in the federal government.

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