Foodie and the Beast – Nov. 14, 2021

Hosted by David and Nycci Nellis.

On today’s show:

• RAMW Cocktail Week, represented by two contestants,
Shane Mason from Crazy Aunt Helen’s and Brasserie Liberte’s Chef Matthew Cockrell;
• Sam Bernstein, founder and CEO, Table22, which helps independent restaurants across the U.S. build, launch and grow subscription offerings. Think wine clubs, at-home dining experiences, private cocktail and cooking classes and more;
• Katie Seawell is chief commercial officer at Bowery Farming. Bowery builds smart indoor farms near cities, growing fresher, pesticide-free protected produce in precisely controlled environments, 365 days a year. The key? At the heart of each farm is the proprietary Bowery operating system;

• Greg Reynolds, Tap Room manager, and Sten Sellier, founder and president of the Beltway Brewing Co., a local brewery dedicated to helping start-up and growing breweries expand their operations.